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Burnt Sienna (37ml Oils)


Neutralised Orange, Transparent

Burnt Sienna is valued for its vibrancy and transparency. When mixed with Ultramarine Blue it will provide a wide range of dark browns and dark blues which are superior to ‘Paynes Grays’ as they do not contain black. The same mix will also give you a range of soft, velvety blacks which are far superior to any black paint. It is absolutely lightfast.




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  • It was discovered in antiquity that Raw Sienna could be roasted to produce a warm, rich orange to reddish brown.
  • Particularly valued for its transparency, it is one of the small group of ancient pigments whose beauty and permanence have not been equaled by any modern industrial substitute.
  • Rated ASTM 1 in all of our media and is on the list of approved pigments. Good grades, unclouded by filler or other pigments, are worth seeking.
  • Tinting strength varies with different grades, as does clarity of hue and transparency. Choose carefully, a clear fiery Burnt Sienna can be invaluable. Non-metallic preservatives.


Additional information

Weight .040 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 cm
Type of Paint

Artists Quality Oil Paint

Colour Type

Neutralized Orange, Transparent

Common Name

Burnt Sienna

Colour Index Name

PBr7 (Pigment Brown 7)

Colour Index Number


Chemical Class

Calcined Natural Iron Oxide

ASTM rating

Rated ASTM 1 in all of our media and is on the list of approved pigments.



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