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What is Colour?


Join Poppy and Cuddles as they explore the world of colour. Find out about the “secret” colours that are in the light. Why some colours go “pop” and disappear while others bounce off to give the colours that all around us. An exiting journey of discovery. Also a fun game to play with friends and family. What better gift to a child than the gift of colour?

You can also see and hear us on the special animated CD that comes with the book. Join us for lots of fun and learn about the colours of the world.


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Please be aware that the CD does not work with Mac OS X Lion and Yosemite or with Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Michael Wilcox’s original research led to the book ‘Blue & Yellow Don’t Make Green’.

This book forms part of a product range, which has changed the way that countless artists, designers and decorators mix and use their colours. Many other best selling titles on colour understanding, harmony and use have followed over the years. His love and passion for the subject is obvious, and through his unique approach has enriched many artists’ lives and work by removing the frustration of years of misunderstanding of what actually happens when paints are mixed. He feels that children should not be excluded from this knowledge as they are quick to understand, hungry for information and will take delight in their newly acquired knowledge and discovery.

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